Why I luv reality TV

imagesOK, I really like reality TV. Really. Truth is, I luv it.

It seems it’s OK for a woman to admit they are into reality TV more than a guy. I have guy friends who prefer it to football. Really, I’m not so sure I believe them. But I guess women are stereotyped to liking these reality shows much like they were stereotyped to liking soap operas in the retro days. Time has moved forward but it seems we are still stuck with the stereotypes.

Anyway, seeing how so many people think it’s stupid and for the mindless, it is a risk admitting it publicly. I am neither stupid nor mindless but still luv my reality shows. Every generation has their fads, and some still hang around. There is something positive about going retro and I guess I look at reality TV as being a more modern version of the daytime soap operas. By the way, those daytime retro soaps are now seen in the afternoon and at nighttime on certain able channels. So there is hope!

Why do I love reality TV so much? I guess I see myself as kind of introspective. You know, where you look at yourself and wonder why you did certain things or why you are the way you are. So when I see these people from all over doing crazy things, and a lot of them seem to be doing it for the money, I wonder if I would be as daring and expose myself to public ridicule. I mean, that is what they’re doing, right? But I also put myself in their place and think that most people will forget who I am and what I did anyway, so where really is the risk.

The thing is, I’m not really shy but then I am not an extrovert. Laughing at yourself and your human weaknesses is not an easy thing to do. But I think that’s what a lot of these reality TV show people do when the camera is off of them. It is hard for me to believe that these people take the whole thing seriously. Think about the most embarrassing moments in your life. Who was around? Family? Friends? Enemies? Now do you think they will let you forget those moments? They may even have pictures or videos of them. Look at Facebook.

I look at myself and think if embarrassing yourself is the worst thing that can happen in your life. Yeah, people can make your life miserable, but only for a while. Then it’s back to normalcy. I can laugh at myself because everyone makes mistakes, and realizing you embarrassed yourself is just one of those things. I will get over it, and so will everyone else.

Which is the reason reality shows are reality – because in the end it’s all about having fun and knowing you are capable of doing the same stupid things. Just with fewer people around. Yeah, everyone seems to want their name on TV or the Internet (in a good way) for all their friends to see, so if you can laugh at yourself then it’s all good I guess.

There’s something I should have mentioned about my luv for reality shows. I admit I am a drama queen. OK? Deal with it. That said, what reality shows do for me is help take me away from the misery I see so often on the news. Life is hard enough with bills to pay and problems to solve. I can go to bed at night knowing there is no such thing as normal.