Why I luv Apple


I used to be a Windows fan girl. I know that sounds weird since Windows is more for techies. But with the million programs available and the better graphics, it was cheaper to own. Besides, most of my friends had it and trying to share files with a Mac user sometimes was hard. Add to this that if you decided to go to college, most of the classes expected you to use Word or PowerPoint for your projects. Even better was you could go to the campus bookstore and get discounts on Windows products. Shopping and saving money is the best.

Then iPads came along. They were light and looked cool, plus even corporations started buying them for their traveling executives. The thing is, a lot of Windows gurus were mocking Steve Jobs for developing the iPad, saying it really didn’t have a place in the computer market. I think I remember people saying the same thing about the iPhone. So it seems that it’s really not about what the best product is, but whose side you are on. I went against the crowd and bought the iPad. Turns out Jobs has a pretty good sense of what people wanted, while Microsoft was telling people what they needed.

I like Steve Jobs for a lot of reasons. He is kind of an underdog in the computer world despite the fact that he happens to be a genius. Anyway, after the iPad came the iPad Mini – and people said that wouldn’t find a place in the tablet market. Wrong again. My friends give me grief for being an Apple fan girl, but who cares! I like my decision and it has opened up a new world to me. I can do a lot of the simple computer maintenance stuff with OSX that took me hours to learn with Windows. A lot of it is intuitive. Jobs made things simple for non-techie people by giving them what they needed instead of telling them what they needed. I said goodbye to Microsoft a few years ago and realized I was the one who was limiting myself.

Uh oh. I just saw that Microsoft is now marketing Office for the iPad. They are like a bad ex-boyfriend who just keeps coming back.

Let me say straight out what the truth is about Apple products. The cost a lot more. They are built to a higher standard of quality. They are proprietary with a lot of their technical stuff. Upgrading them can be a real pain in the ass as I found out after buying my first Mac Mini. With all that said, they last a long time and are more than dependable. I haven’t has a problem with any of my Apple purchases in all the years I have had them, which include the iPhone, iPad, and Mac Mini.

The last thing I want to say on this issue of me being an Apple fan girl is that I am not an Apple addict. I haven’t seen a good reason to upgrade my iPhone 4 because there isn’t much that impresses me about their latest models. The same can be said for the Mac Mini and the iPad. I think the reason for this is there is simply more competition – and Steve Jobs died. His loss is our loss. Since his death, Apple has been pretty mediocre. I’m not sure about the future of the company. They are starting to buy innovation from other companies, like they just did with Beats by Dre. What will I do if Apple goes under? What if Apple products start looking like Microsoft products?