The Digital Age of Health

Do you let your digital devices run your waking life? Are you hooked on social media, your smart phone, and your laptop every second of the day? Checking email, CNN news, the latest articles on your favorite subjects, your eBay bids, and your bank account balance takes time! As for browsing and shopping, well they are a daily staple of existence. This is the modern way of technological life and its just fabulous.

Right now I am focusing on health since I acquired a super fabulous do everything bathroom scale. It is wired into my world with a Wi-Fi connection. Everything I want to know about weight, body fat, BMI, and so on is in a personal file that only I can see. My cell phone has dozens of apps that keep me up-to-date on dieting and nutrition. When I walk, run, or workout, I wear a handy pedometer that was invented for people like me. We want info, data, stuff to read, watch, and sometimes share.

You used to see high-tech gadgetry in hospitals that keep people alive and breathing. Now you can stay alive and breathing on your own with a few basic purchases. While we all still look the same, act similarly, dress alike, and speak the same slang, our inner world is rocked with ingenious digital devices. It has never been easier to learn how to stay young and healthy for life.

What do you want to know? How to eat right without starving, how to lose weight without getting depressed, how to exercise effectively only three times a week? There are also millions of magical weight loss programs on line and magic potions with exotic Indian herbs inside that stimulate your metabolism to roar in high gear. Vitamins? They are legion. You want to lose in one day with a juice cleanse, by all means. Your digital portal to knowledge and a new lifestyle is waiting.

I know you think we are obsessed and that the computer age has destroyed our ability to think for ourselves. No, I say. It helps us take charge and do our own research. It helps us learn more to earn more in business. It helps us get along better and go along gracefully with other people. It is a parental substitute and a personal guide, without the verbal recriminations.

So I say embrace the digital devices that abound. Get any and all of them, and stay tuned in with the rest of modern humanity. Youth has never been so educated and well-read (although in bites and snips). It has never had access to so much information. I cannot tout them enough. I will always depend on technology to keep me going and a step ahead of the game. It imparts that extra edge to everything you do whether using a scale or a pedometer. The latest greatest software is a click away. As for apps, there is no end to their utility and time-saving benefit. Don’t get left behind.