Letting My Wolf Soul Howl

It is fun to have an alter ego. I have my wolf soul. It is known only to people who see my posts online in social media. It is like letting me out of a cage. I am not coming out for daily life. I call this going incognito. For friends and family, I am just me as is. I only transform myself in writing. But recently, I did it another way. I was going out for a night on the town with friends with a last stop at a popular club. For this, I wanted to be different and find a new look. That meant a new outfit, putting on a fun (but not fright) wig, and applying makeup and false eyelashes. I was virtually transformed as a ruse and to have my own kind of secret fun. I was out to let my wolf soul howl.

I did really look odd and no one recognized me at first until I took the wig off. It gave me a perfect disguise for a couple of hours. My friends said that the false eyelashes looked so natural that they thought they were real. They knew mine were skimpy so these gave them some pause—who is this girl with the big dark eyes?

It works well when you meet new people as you don’t have to worry about detection through your hand gestures and usual mannerisms. They wonder who this oddly attired person really is? You can see what you like without fear of retaliation, not that I would be negative. I would be more playful. I had a great time unlike most other nights.

What do you do when you want to let loose? Some people like to dance wildly alone or with a partner, and some enjoy a round of karaoke. For me, looking like someone else was the road to riches. It brought me into unusual conversations for sure. It is amazing how different you feel in makeup and false eyelashes if this is not your usual look. It changes your appearance so much, and when you add a wig, you are not recognizable at all. You must decide on your first impression. Do you want to look younger or older, glamorous or punk? You can vary it on different nights whether or not your friends are on to you by now. It is like having a recurring Halloween. Who doesn’t like to wear costumes and masks?

A friend said that I looked very flirty in my false eyelashes so this was a look I wanted to repeat. You can toss out great opening lines and wink at strangers without them knowing who you are. I never give out my personal information. I wonder why I don’t see more of these false eyelashes on people I meet. I guess they are a little hard to put on. But it is worth it to enjoy an evening of disguise as you beguile others.