Howling Again

My wolf soul is howling. Howling for a new adventure! So, I send a signal to my friends that it’s time to assemble the pack, it’s time for a new adventure! What is it this time, you might ask?

I am ready to go on a road trip. Grab your bicycles, your backpacks, and your animalistic souls. We are going for a one-week bicycle journey around Gifford Pinchot National Forest. This forest is so close, yet so wonderful. It has an area of 1.3 million acres, it extends 116 km along the western slopes of Cascade Range from Mount Rainier National Park to the Columbia River. It has an old forest with several glaciers, volcanic peaks, rivers, and lakes. The highest peak is 12.276 ft. There are also places for rock climbing and camping. It’s the perfect place for my wolf soul.

For a week I’ll be skipping my favorite TV shows and Netflix, as well as the internet. That means no laptop, no tablet, and no phone (except for the occasional hello). I’ll be offline, but my wolf soul will be in line with the positive vibes. Fresh air, fresh water, and fresh food. We will do our own hunting, We will do our own camping. All I need to do now is the last bicycle check before taking off – check the condition of the tires wheels, and whether the quick-release skews on the wheels are secure and tight. I’ll just spin the wheel and see if it’s wobbly. Then I’ll clean the fork of the frame and see if there are some raptures. Next, I’ll check the brakes, give the hydraulics a bit of tuning, and finally, I’ll check the pedals, chain, and chain-rings.    

I need some fresh air. I like my house and I especially like my room. But even if you live in a clean environment and take all the necessary precautions in your house to breathe good air, the wolf soul needs to go back to where it belongs – to nature! Check out Clean Breathing for more.

Being in nature and viewing the scenes increases positive feelings and reduces my fears, stress, and anger, and takes care of my physical wellbeing as well. Riding bicycles for a week will certainly improve my physical condition, reduce my muscle tension, and increase the happiness hormones. Not to mention spending time with my friends always puts me in a great mood. So, it’s time for the pack to go on a new adventure. We all have decisions to make. We are already in that stage of life where every decision matters and good advice from a friend is always a positive thing. The trip will just make us stronger in every sense of the word. We are animalistic souls and we continue to howl.