As Seen On TV

Who doesn’t watch a ton of TV. If you say you don’t, you are lying. Everyone I talk to either loves primetime, cable networks, or reality shows. The latter are ranking so high in popularity that they are bumping out the scripted shows right and left in the ratings. Some of the, like Survivor last more than a decade. People apparently like to see the average person suffer and compete.

Athletic and dancing shows are always on top as people battle for trophies rather than money. I am cheering right along with everyone. My Wolf Soul craves the excitement. The more active reality shows leave cooking, selling real estate, and the lives of housewives in various cities of the country in the dust. While all reality shows have their audience and specific appeal, I have my preferences and they tend to coincide with the ratings.

I would certainly like to be a contestant and haven’t figured out yet how to secure a place among the other brave souls. You have to want to be open—baring yourself to the world at large. The public can know too much and you become a spectacle. Yet I am tempted nonetheless. I won’t reveal the shows in question less I jinx my chances. In the interim, I emulate the people that parade before me week after week vying for top position in the group. A natural competitiveness takes over which is surely instinctive. I particularly like the role of survival. People will perform absurd activities to make sure they prevail. As I watch the comings and goings of these fearless contestants, I notice some of the tools they carry. My eyes got stuck, for example, on the Flashlight Pro branding of the EDC light being carried by the survival show host. Something clicked in my head. I absolutely had to have this, if only as a symbol of what the show stands for.

I called the production company and I wrote letters, but no one knew the exact brand. I asked some friends for help. They watched that episode maybe as many times as I did, and one claimed to recognize the flashlight because of certain design features. I wasn’t sure I believed him as I craved absolute authenticity. So, I checked it out on line. I called the number on the website and asked point black if this flashlight was shown on the survivor show.

I hit the jackpot with the public relations department, the only people to actually know the answer. They verified that their brand was the visible flashlight of the host and offered to send me one free within a week if I would post it on Instagram and Facebook. Of course, I said yes. You bet when it arrived that I photographed it incessantly. You know this well if you have “friended” my page. I was happy to recount my discovery of the tool and how and where I spotted it on the show. Holding it in my hand was the closest I will be to acting as a contestant.

Why I luv reality TV

imagesOK, I really like reality TV. Really. Truth is, I luv it.

It seems it’s OK for a woman to admit they are into reality TV more than a guy. I have guy friends who prefer it to football. Really, I’m not so sure I believe them. But I guess women are stereotyped to liking these reality shows much like they were stereotyped to liking soap operas in the retro days. Time has moved forward but it seems we are still stuck with the stereotypes.

Anyway, seeing how so many people think it’s stupid and for the mindless, it is a risk admitting it publicly. I am neither stupid nor mindless but still luv my reality shows. Every generation has their fads, and some still hang around. There is something positive about going retro and I guess I look at reality TV as being a more modern version of the daytime soap operas. By the way, those daytime retro soaps are now seen in the afternoon and at nighttime on certain able channels. So there is hope!

Why do I love reality TV so much? I guess I see myself as kind of introspective. You know, where you look at yourself and wonder why you did certain things or why you are the way you are. So when I see these people from all over doing crazy things, and a lot of them seem to be doing it for the money, I wonder if I would be as daring and expose myself to public ridicule. I mean, that is what they’re doing, right? But I also put myself in their place and think that most people will forget who I am and what I did anyway, so where really is the risk.

The thing is, I’m not really shy but then I am not an extrovert. Laughing at yourself and your human weaknesses is not an easy thing to do. But I think that’s what a lot of these reality TV show people do when the camera is off of them. It is hard for me to believe that these people take the whole thing seriously. Think about the most embarrassing moments in your life. Who was around? Family? Friends? Enemies? Now do you think they will let you forget those moments? They may even have pictures or videos of them. Look at Facebook.

I look at myself and think if embarrassing yourself is the worst thing that can happen in your life. Yeah, people can make your life miserable, but only for a while. Then it’s back to normalcy. I can laugh at myself because everyone makes mistakes, and realizing you embarrassed yourself is just one of those things. I will get over it, and so will everyone else.

Which is the reason reality shows are reality – because in the end it’s all about having fun and knowing you are capable of doing the same stupid things. Just with fewer people around. Yeah, everyone seems to want their name on TV or the Internet (in a good way) for all their friends to see, so if you can laugh at yourself then it’s all good I guess.

There’s something I should have mentioned about my luv for reality shows. I admit I am a drama queen. OK? Deal with it. That said, what reality shows do for me is help take me away from the misery I see so often on the news. Life is hard enough with bills to pay and problems to solve. I can go to bed at night knowing there is no such thing as normal.

Why I luv Apple


I used to be a Windows fan girl. I know that sounds weird since Windows is more for techies. But with the million programs available and the better graphics, it was cheaper to own. Besides, most of my friends had it and trying to share files with a Mac user sometimes was hard. Add to this that if you decided to go to college, most of the classes expected you to use Word or PowerPoint for your projects. Even better was you could go to the campus bookstore and get discounts on Windows products. Shopping and saving money is the best.

Then iPads came along. They were light and looked cool, plus even corporations started buying them for their traveling executives. The thing is, a lot of Windows gurus were mocking Steve Jobs for developing the iPad, saying it really didn’t have a place in the computer market. I think I remember people saying the same thing about the iPhone. So it seems that it’s really not about what the best product is, but whose side you are on. I went against the crowd and bought the iPad. Turns out Jobs has a pretty good sense of what people wanted, while Microsoft was telling people what they needed.

I like Steve Jobs for a lot of reasons. He is kind of an underdog in the computer world despite the fact that he happens to be a genius. Anyway, after the iPad came the iPad Mini – and people said that wouldn’t find a place in the tablet market. Wrong again. My friends give me grief for being an Apple fan girl, but who cares! I like my decision and it has opened up a new world to me. I can do a lot of the simple computer maintenance stuff with OSX that took me hours to learn with Windows. A lot of it is intuitive. Jobs made things simple for non-techie people by giving them what they needed instead of telling them what they needed. I said goodbye to Microsoft a few years ago and realized I was the one who was limiting myself.

Uh oh. I just saw that Microsoft is now marketing Office for the iPad. They are like a bad ex-boyfriend who just keeps coming back.

Let me say straight out what the truth is about Apple products. The cost a lot more. They are built to a higher standard of quality. They are proprietary with a lot of their technical stuff. Upgrading them can be a real pain in the ass as I found out after buying my first Mac Mini. With all that said, they last a long time and are more than dependable. I haven’t has a problem with any of my Apple purchases in all the years I have had them, which include the iPhone, iPad, and Mac Mini.

The last thing I want to say on this issue of me being an Apple fan girl is that I am not an Apple addict. I haven’t seen a good reason to upgrade my iPhone 4 because there isn’t much that impresses me about their latest models. The same can be said for the Mac Mini and the iPad. I think the reason for this is there is simply more competition – and Steve Jobs died. His loss is our loss. Since his death, Apple has been pretty mediocre. I’m not sure about the future of the company. They are starting to buy innovation from other companies, like they just did with Beats by Dre. What will I do if Apple goes under? What if Apple products start looking like Microsoft products?

Why Apple TV was the best purchase I ever made

31rYKKB4zFL._SX300_For those who haven’t heard of Apple TV, especially my Windows friends, Apple TV is not a TV. It is a service. And as an Apple fan girl I had to have one, if nothing else, to impress and irritate my friends. LOL.

Actually, Apple TV is a box, like Microsoft’s Xbox or a PlayStation. The one thing I like about it are all the Internet services I can access with it. In case you’re wondering, there is a lot of guy stuff available. Honestly, I don’t think it was created for us gals. Now that might seem biased, because everything that is available on iTunes Store – the music, movies, and TV programs – can be accessed by the service. So that includes some of my fav shows like MadMen, Girls, and Pretty Little Liars.

But then come the cable channels. NBA, NHL, MLB. And how many gals actually watch the Wall Street Journal cable channel? I know, I know. I would be surprised. But the cable selection seems slanted towards guys.

There are major competitors out there like Roku and Google TV (which actually I think is pretty cool) but they are trying to gain an audience by being lower priced. I call it cheap because with Apple you know you are going to get quality inside and out of the box.

Speaking of out of the box, I’ll admit when I first opened the box from UPS I was far from thrilled. No pink??!! LOL. It looked sort of like a security scanner you see at the mall. But I knew what I was getting – the quality hardware and reliability of an Apple device. So I set it up, which was super easy, and once I was on line I was hooked.

I mentioned about the iTunes Store services you get, but you can also take the music even if it is on a Windows based computer, and play it on an HDTV. Competitors and Windows fans complain about how hard it is to play the Apple iTunes download format, but you pay for quality. Open up your purse and spend a few dollars for quality!

I forgot to mention that the value of my Apple TV will increase because the more iTunes Store content that becomes available, the more I can access. That makes it more of an investment than an expense.

When I am not socializing with my friends in person, I spend time alone entertaining myself. Apple TV is my BF. Here is one place I think I’m just like everyone else. I know it is there when I want it, and can access it without any problems. Unlike my Microsoft friends, I don’t have to worry about red circles or blue screens of death when I am using it.

It’s compatible with all my other Apple computers and devices, so became the showpiece of my room. With all of the compatibility issues out of the way, the box seems like a $99 thank you gift from Apple for being an Apple fan girl. Woo-hoo!