As Seen On TV

Who doesn’t watch a ton of TV. If you say you don’t, you are lying. Everyone I talk to either loves primetime, cable networks, or reality shows. The latter are ranking so high in popularity that they are bumping out the scripted shows right and left in the ratings. Some of the, like Survivor last more than a decade. People apparently like to see the average person suffer and compete.

Athletic and dancing shows are always on top as people battle for trophies rather than money. I am cheering right along with everyone. My Wolf Soul craves the excitement. The more active reality shows leave cooking, selling real estate, and the lives of housewives in various cities of the country in the dust. While all reality shows have their audience and specific appeal, I have my preferences and they tend to coincide with the ratings.

I would certainly like to be a contestant and haven’t figured out yet how to secure a place among the other brave souls. You have to want to be open—baring yourself to the world at large. The public can know too much and you become a spectacle. Yet I am tempted nonetheless. I won’t reveal the shows in question less I jinx my chances. In the interim, I emulate the people that parade before me week after week vying for top position in the group. A natural competitiveness takes over which is surely instinctive. I particularly like the role of survival. People will perform absurd activities to make sure they prevail. As I watch the comings and goings of these fearless contestants, I notice some of the tools they carry. My eyes got stuck, for example, on the Flashlight Pro branding of the EDC light being carried by the survival show host. Something clicked in my head. I absolutely had to have this, if only as a symbol of what the show stands for.

I called the production company and I wrote letters, but no one knew the exact brand. I asked some friends for help. They watched that episode maybe as many times as I did, and one claimed to recognize the flashlight because of certain design features. I wasn’t sure I believed him as I craved absolute authenticity. So, I checked it out on line. I called the number on the website and asked point black if this flashlight was shown on the survivor show.

I hit the jackpot with the public relations department, the only people to actually know the answer. They verified that their brand was the visible flashlight of the host and offered to send me one free within a week if I would post it on Instagram and Facebook. Of course, I said yes. You bet when it arrived that I photographed it incessantly. You know this well if you have “friended” my page. I was happy to recount my discovery of the tool and how and where I spotted it on the show. Holding it in my hand was the closest I will be to acting as a contestant.