Cool Room Keeps My Computer Cool

Summer brings waves upon waves of heat that last well into early fall. Agh. I can’t think straight when the air is stifling and thick. It invades my space. I bought a new ceiling fan to help cool things down so I could open the windows and breathe some real, albeit hot, air. I found the best ceiling fan online, really happy with it. It may be my imagination, but the unit seems to keep the computer running a little faster than usual.

It’s probably my weird perception of time, but when I am on line for endless hours, or am playing games for what seems like an eternity, I feel like I get into a time warp. Things seem to slow down as I relax into my favorite enterprise. I think my common sense ended with the fan purchase as I am fantasizing about other planes of existence. It is like a kind of meditation or hypnosis—trance-like and sedate. Don’t wake me when I am there.

Your brain seems to lock right into the computer’s mother board after a spell. I do feel in complete sync with digital technology to be sure. This isn’t limited to video games either. I do everything with a tablet, laptop, or smart phone. I am wired in to the world in this wonderful way. So I have to keep cool when the sweat season begins in order to maintain my focus. My little fan does the job well.

Keeping cool isn’t just physical. It is a state of mind having to do with not getting frustrated and upset when things don’t go your way. It is a timely metaphor that makes sense. Chilling out is good advice. If you get a negative post on Facebook, a bad tweet, or a nasty email—just delete it and move on. Technology gives you control over people and situations you encounter. If you must indulge your hurt feelings, give them vent in your own communications. Use technology to free yourself from the yoke of others.

Staying cool means being up to date on new apps, software, websites of note, and assorted online novelties that pique your interest. It means being in the know and in touch. We have never had it so good. From your modest little room (fan whirring away), you can be an international explorer and world class researcher. You can find out just about anything you want to know in seconds. It is a brave new world that will no doubt soon offer more. Count me in.

I like the idea of a coolheaded vixen avatar representing my expertise and experience. She knows how to rock the world with her innate genius. She is smart, self-taught, open to the new, and closed to the old. Modern is her middle name. She is savvy beyond her years and has earned high regard and esteem. She knows just how to wield a mouse and a tweet. Powerful and potent, she epitomizes the digital image of omnipotence. Nothing in the world of the computer is alien or strange.