Why Apple TV was the best purchase I ever made

31rYKKB4zFL._SX300_For those who haven’t heard of Apple TV, especially my Windows friends, Apple TV is not a TV. It is a service. And as an Apple fan girl I had to have one, if nothing else, to impress and irritate my friends. LOL.

Actually, Apple TV is a box, like Microsoft’s Xbox or a PlayStation. The one thing I like about it are all the Internet services I can access with it. In case you’re wondering, there is a lot of guy stuff available. Honestly, I don’t think it was created for us gals. Now that might seem biased, because everything that is available on iTunes Store – the music, movies, and TV programs – can be accessed by the service. So that includes some of my fav shows like MadMen, Girls, and Pretty Little Liars.

But then come the cable channels. NBA, NHL, MLB. And how many gals actually watch the Wall Street Journal cable channel? I know, I know. I would be surprised. But the cable selection seems slanted towards guys.

There are major competitors out there like Roku and Google TV (which actually I think is pretty cool) but they are trying to gain an audience by being lower priced. I call it cheap because with Apple you know you are going to get quality inside and out of the box.

Speaking of out of the box, I’ll admit when I first opened the box from UPS I was far from thrilled. No pink??!! LOL. It looked sort of like a security scanner you see at the mall. But I knew what I was getting – the quality hardware and reliability of an Apple device. So I set it up, which was super easy, and once I was on line I was hooked.

I mentioned about the iTunes Store services you get, but you can also take the music even if it is on a Windows based computer, and play it on an HDTV. Competitors and Windows fans complain about how hard it is to play the Apple iTunes download format, but you pay for quality. Open up your purse and spend a few dollars for quality!

I forgot to mention that the value of my Apple TV will increase because the more iTunes Store content that becomes available, the more I can access. That makes it more of an investment than an expense.

When I am not socializing with my friends in person, I spend time alone entertaining myself. Apple TV is my BF. Here is one place I think I’m just like everyone else. I know it is there when I want it, and can access it without any problems. Unlike my Microsoft friends, I don’t have to worry about red circles or blue screens of death when I am using it.

It’s compatible with all my other Apple computers and devices, so became the showpiece of my room. With all of the compatibility issues out of the way, the box seems like a $99 thank you gift from Apple for being an Apple fan girl. Woo-hoo!